Friday, December 17, 2010

*A Delightful Design

 I am not one who pushes products or everrrr, but I have to right now. Not only is that what friends are for (to blab and brag all about one's special qualities), but I just think that she has some super-talent. I want you all to meet Abby, like a sister to me, and a most amazing- interior decorator. The best thing that Abby can do FOR ANYONE, no matter where you live, is help to guide you down the right path. Lord knows we all have ideas, but that doesn't mean that all of our ideas look spectacular when put together. Let Abby help you. I will not call out names on here......but I realllly know of a few friends that could and should benefit from Abby's Eye! (myself included)

A Delightful Design

Visit her blog and be prepared to be enlightened.

PS......if you get over there to check out her blog quick enough, you can be entered to win a FREE DESIGN BOARD for any room in your house that you choose. This is HUGE!

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